NOTE: 6 steps from Napoleon Hill to achieve clarity

Awesome! Takes the extensive diluted literature that has saturated the market on the topic of ‘mastery’ and sums it up for us in an eloquent way.

the perfect day

I was thinking of a quote that reads, “that which was true long ago, still is” (unfortunately I couldn’t find the source). But, the premise is that truth has no expiry date. Take Napoleon Hill’s massively successful book Think and Grow Rich. He published it in 1937.

The book is a great read and I highly recommend you do so. In it there are many gems, but 1 in particular stands out. And it doesn’t just apply to money.

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The Social Divide

In a world that is more connected now then ever,

are we not more disconnected then ever before,

social media has replaced good old fashioned human interaction,

Have we as a people lost our identity?